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She is indeed proving to be a bloody difficult woman. 'You get a group of junior officers to go over the plan and try to tear it to pieces.

Then if it still looks viable after all that, you’re good to go.’ Earlier this year the Chancellor was forced into a humiliating U-turn over a hike in National Insurance for the self-employed.

And a final showdown with Gove, Johnson and the other hard-Brexiteers can’t be deferred indefinitely. The light she spies at the end of the tunnel might well prove to be an oncoming train. According to a Minister who formerly served in the Armed Forces: ‘The idea came from some of us ex-Army guys.

Almost immediately I saw that I had nothing to worry about.In the past month, she’s been rocked by two Cabinet resignations, an attempted Brexit coup by her two most high-profile Ministers, a succession of parliamentary rebellions and retreats, the unravelling of her Brexit negotiating strategy, and one of the worst GDP growth projections in UK economic history.And yet, incredibly, she now believes she might actually have turned the corner on her year of political purgatory.‘This week she’s finally found a bit of peace,’ an ally informs me.Their name was taken from their Jerusalem headquarters: the al-Aqsa Mosque, which they identified with the biblical King Solomon’s Temple.The Templars recruited trained killers – knights – and set them about the Lord’s work.

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